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Taking time to say 'thank you' to someone raises your vibration as well as theirs.

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Pulling That Thread

It is interesting that a simple image begins the telling of a story about a person who is on the other side. It is like a thread. I pull on the end of the thread and then little by little, the thread gets longer and longer. Before you know it, a wealth of information...

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A Picture Can Be a Name

Sometimes, I am able to give a name given to me by spirit on the other side. I may hear a name or I may see an image that represents the name. For one lady, I described a rose. She confirmed that it was her Mother’s middle name. For another woman, I described Lucy...

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Know Your Family History

I find that when I give readings, the more you know about your relatives and friends, the easier it is to make connections. Knowing their history, work skills, and family dynamic is a key to recognizing whomever is coming through. For example, I described a woman by...

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