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Will you bring through whom I wish to hear from?

Usually, I can bring through whom you wish to connect with..

What if someone comes through, I wish not to hear from?

If this happens, I will ask you if you wish to hear messages in which it can help you to heal.

Can you give a general reading?

I can give a psychic and /or Runes reading. If this is what you want, please request a psychic and/or Runes reading.

Can you do a reading while I drive?

No. It is distracting for both the driver and myself. You may get emotional and I prefer you are sitting in a relaxed position.

Can I pay after the reading?

No. Payment must be secured prior to the reading.

Will you do group sessions?

Send an email to AskMediumKim@outlook.com to request a group rate.

Will you record the session?

If you wish to have an audio recording, it can be done. It will be sent to you by email for your own personal memory.

What do you need from need for the session?

If you wish to hear from a specific person, then a name can be given at the beginning of the reading. Spirit will give genuine validations.

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