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What’s Your Intention?

Guess what? I now can get up before my alarm clock goes off! When I heard someone say that he never uses an alarm clock because he sets intentions the night before. I decided to do this for myself. Well, I am a believer! I do get up about 15 minutes before the desired...

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It is after 4 am. The telephone is ringing and my eyes flew open. Lying in bed, it became clear that the phone is ringing loudly in my head. Instinctively, I thought, I am going to answer that. Who knows.  Maybe it’s somebody important. Perhaps it is God, an Angel or...

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The Biddie and Lucy

I want to share highlights from a reading I did for a lady. During the reading, I heard the word, “biddie.” My mind reacted thinking of it as a derogatory slang describing an old nosy lady. Feeling uncomfortable, I asked if she understood this. She did not. Then, I...

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Spirits Dropping In

Sometimes spirit comes to me early to give me impressions. This can be early in the day or even in a dream. When someone is set up to receive a reading from me, this happens often. Right now, I have been hearing a tune for three days now. I think this is for my next...

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Time to Day Dream!

As children, we have time to play using our vivid imagination and creativity. In school, we are to focus on our teacher and the lessons we are taught. Most of us going into adulthood give up day dreaming. Now, we can harness this to allow ourselves a healthy form of...

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Mocking Up Your Goals

Happy New Year! Time to reflect and think about what we want to accomplish. We can focus on what we don’t have or we can put our intentions on creating a space to bring in what we wish to accomplish. When you notice you are focusing on what you don’t have; shift your...

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