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Are Thoughts Powerful?

Jun 16, 2020 | Holistic Alternative Energy work, Reiki

In the world of working with spirit, we come across how thoughts can have an impact whether it is negative or positive.  It is really important to be aware of your thoughts and how it impacts your body and health.  IN the medical model, one can use bio feedback to monitor stress and how it affects the body. This brings the user’s awareness to what is occurring. Then the user has the choice to switch to replacing negative thinking with positive thinking.  This has been used to help people to control pain levels from existing health issues. It can be something like, meditation, yoga, or just focusing on breath. 

Now, have you been thinking negatively about your body?  Do you resent yourself for not doing something?  Do you hold anger against someone else?  Does guilt weigh you down?  Are you punishing yourself?  These are the kinds of things that do impact your body directly from your thoughts.  We can and do help you work through releasing these kinds of emotions so that you can be a happy and healthy individual.

I want to share this with you so that you can see how thoughts do impact water.  Dr. Masaru Emoted from Japan made a breakthrough discovery on how water is impacted by positive and negative thoughts.  It is amazing that there is a way to see results from his experiments.  There are documentations and videos available to learn more about this.  He also has a few books written on the subject of how powerful thoughts are.  You can click on the URL

Think happy thoughts and love yourself!


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