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Banishing Negative Thinking

May 24, 2020 | Reiki

What is negative thinking and how does it impact you in your life?  Is it a person with a bad attitude or is it simply a thought process within your mind that actually encourages to not following through with things you like or want to do?  The first and crucial key to banishing negative thinking is to examine your thought process and recognize negative thinking in its simplest form.

Here is a scenario in which Lady wakes up in the morning, plans on going for a walk with her dog, and finish an art sketch.  Lady feels optimistic.  As the day goes on, her thinking changes to, “I will go for a walk later.”  Lady is beginning to experience an internal conflict.  Perhaps it is doubt or fear.   More time goes by and Lady feels she cannot go for a walk.  She is now experiencing negative emotions and beating herself up for not following through with her plans.  She carries this emotion with her for a while. Lady starts on her art sketch, but gets sidetracked by a phone call from someone harping about her own problems.  In the end, Lady does not accomplish two things she lined up for herself which is enjoyable and creative.  She is in a position in which she denied herself two enjoyable recreations.   We do not necessarily know why one backs out of doing enjoyable things.  Perhaps, Lady felt the world is not safe.  So, she does not venture out.  Is this a negative thought keeping her in a frame of mind not serving her own health and wellness?  Perhaps, Lady is afraid she cannot venture out alone for a walk.

Let’s focus on what we can do to work with negative thoughts.  First of all, negative thoughts, fears, doubts, etc. can be reduced or eliminated. When you realize you are caught up in this thought process and feelings, you can take your personal spirit power and declare firmly “Negative thinking, be gone!”  Declare your space is your own and state you will not allow negativity to influence you.  Definitely make this a mantra for yourself.  Encourage this within your family. 

It is important to reach out for help if you do struggle with this.  You can go various ways of reaching out for help.  The choices are yours to make.  Whether you reach out to a counselor and/or reach out to someone like me who can help facilitate you through the process of clearing, charging and rejuvenating your spirit.  Doing this is also an act of self-love to achieve peace of mind and self-confidence.


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