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Cigarette Smoke from the Other Side?

Nov 10, 2022 | Healing the Heart, Medium

I was on the phone with a lady who was assisting me. It dawned on me that I am smelling cigarette smoke. There are no cigarette smokers here, so I recognized it as a spirit visiting.  I blurted out, “I smell cigarette smoke.” She replied that it is her husband who used to smoke before passing. She had been thinking about her husband with Veteran’s Day approaching.

I stated that I am a medium. her husband showing me his picture on the wall to the right. I asked her if she had a picture off to the right from the computer. She said it wasn’t to the right of the computer but it is on the right downstairs. She shared that it has been three years since he passed. Sometimes, she still takes his jacket out to smell it.

It touched my heart that she is honoring him as a veteran. I hear the reverence and love in her voice. We honor veterans every year; spirit veterans are aware and accept the tribute. At the same time, these same spirit veterans are mirroring their love and honor to family and friends still living. Peace be with the veterans and their family and friends.


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