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The journey I took receiving holistic energy work was a conscious choice in which I sought out help.  I was drawn to it and felt that this is what I needed.  It also involved delving into territories in which I was uncomfortable with at times.  I did not always know what would come up while others worked on me.  However, I was conscious and aware of every emotion and memory surfacing during the sessions.  I have been blessed to have several great holistic practitioners work on me in my lifetime.

The journey does sometimes involve revisiting memories of grief, loss, and trauma.  But this journey is also about realizing what belief systems we hold against ourselves which is not true.  It helped me to release each experience one at a time, which manifested healing within my heart.  Therefore, my spirit and body as a whole reaped the benefits of feeling well.  Feeling well means not thinking about being afraid.  Not feeling bad about your body.  Feeling well in your mind is vital.  Self-love really is a key.  Self-love means reaching out for support and taking that conscious inner journey.


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