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Is Thinking Positive Important?

Apr 2, 2020 | Reiki

I had been thinking negatively about myself. Not necessarily saying negative things, but holding unto doubts and a feeling of some blah. Two nights ago, I realized how much I was holding myself in this space. I thought, Kim, you are going to feel better, you are going to feel well. This was before I went to bed. The next morning I did wake up feeling more confident, more well, and more normal. It seems that during this time of the Covid-19 that we are holding a great space to let fear and doubt take root and grow pulling us into that miasm space. I am not denying the virus exists, I am accepting it now and agree that sanitizing and washing hands are important. I think that it is also important to focus on feeling that we can have a strong immune system and that we can get through this. It is important to focus on thinking positive at home, enjoying time with family, working out who is making lunch, who is cleaning up, and who is wiping down counter tops and tables with disinfectant. Smile, think positive, tell jokes, read something funny! I was on the phone and just bubbled up with humor with a consumer. I made her laugh and giggled. It is contagious!


  1. Cody

    Great content thank you!

    • Kim

      Thanks, Cody.


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