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Many of you have heard of this and its symbolic meaning.  You take this glass of half-filled water and let this be representative of your life.  Is it half empty or half full?   Do you see your situation as lacking or do you see the bright side and give thanks for what you do have?


It is about perception and what you focus on with your intention.  If you find yourself dwelling on not having enough money, or not having that wonderful relationship, or not following your dreams, then you are stuck in this.  If you shift your perception and look at the good you do have, then you can shift your emotions to a more positive level which is better all around.  It is better for you and the people in your life.  Another thing to think about is your free will.  We all have choices.  Sometimes, we don’t see how we have a choice on how to make changes, but it can and will manifest to you when you seek ways and options to move forward into a state of having a half-filled glass.    Perhaps, you will sign up for that college class you always been wanting to do.  Or you will join a quilting club.  Perhaps, you will search for that new job that is fulfilling.

Receiving cranial sacral therapy is life changing.  When you seek this kind of service, you are seeking to receive spiritual healing and support to bring you out of feeling your life is half empty and transform you into making changes so that your life is half full. 


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