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Know Your Family History

Sep 6, 2022 | Medium

I find that when I give readings, the more you know about your relatives and friends, the easier it is to make connections. Knowing their history, work skills, and family dynamic is a key to recognizing whomever is coming through. For example, I described a woman by height, hair color, and body shape. This is somewhat specific, but the sitter needs more information to recognize the spirit coming through. When I went on to say that she was into modeling and fashion and also wore a neck brace, then the sitter immediately recognized her. It turned out to be a neighbor who passed away two months earlier. Therefore, I was able to continue with bringing messages. The spirit also showed me symbols of what is happening with the sitter now. This is a way of spirit saying, I am aware of what is going on in your life even though I am on the other side.


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