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Mocking Up Your Goals

Jan 2, 2023 | Medium

Happy New Year! Time to reflect and think about what we want to accomplish. We can focus on what we don’t have or we can put our intentions on creating a space to bring in what we wish to accomplish.

When you notice you are focusing on what you don’t have; shift your focus to gratitude. Say thank you for this wonderful new wardrobe. Thank you for having enough money in my account to pay my bills.

Take the things you are dissatisfied with and visualize putting them into a ball of confetti. Blow it up. Then, follow through creating what you desire. You want to take an art class. Put this idea in a bubble and send it up into the universe. Create as many bubbles with all of your goals in them. Thank the universe for all of these things.

I did this with my calendar filled with many meetings, tasks, and projects. I blew up my calendar. Then created a calendar with more time open for myself and sent it in a bubble. It worked opening up time for myself.

I cannot take the credit for this, for this has been taught to me by others. Just want to give you the idea that you have empowerment within yourself. Take the steps with creativity and inspiration within you.


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