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Holding a Space for Healing

Mar 6, 2021 | Holistic Alternative Energy work, Reiki

Holding a space of unconditional love is important in this line of work.  Some clients struggle and really need to feel safe and supported during the process to allow emotions, experiences, and trauma to surface.   Healing can come in different shapes.  For one person, it can be releasing an old pain and learning to forgive.  Or, it could be a past life regression, or it can be about rejuvenating one’s spirit and body.  I cannot predict what will happen when I work on someone; however, this does help the client to move forward spiritually.  Aligning the heart with one’s own spirit is part of the healing path.  During one particular session, a woman I shall call Mrs. D., was working through memories and experiences of loneliness from her childhood.  I followed the guided images and directions on where to lay my hands.  I trust these pictures given to me, for it leads me to helping Mrs. D. to receive vibrational energy.  She is aware of the subtle vibrations and movements.  A spirit dropped in.  I described her as a skinny woman with brown hair.  She drew a picture of an oil lamp on a chalkboard.  I relayed this.  Mrs. D. was excited and stated her Mother’s older sister passed away.  She used to have an old oil lamp. Her aunt dropping in during the healing process adds to the miracle of energy work.    


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