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Push and Pull of Energy

Jun 19, 2021 | Chakra, Energy Field, Holistic Alternative Energy work

When we communicate with others, we form a connection and energy is exchanged. When you are in a good relationship with someone you trust, you literally exchange energy which is harmonious.  When your mood changes, it is reflected in your aura or energy field.  Most people do not see the aura; however, people can sense strong energy when walking into a house in which an argument has just occurred.  They are quiet, but you intuitively pick it up. Sounds familiar?


Here is a scenario in which two people are in a discussion.  One is interrogating someone.  This energy does not feel pleasant and is intimidating. The intimidated person is likely to withdraw and stop speaking.

Another scenario in which a person pulls energy from others.  When this happens, this person is feeling full of energy while leaving the other person drained and tired. This is not a healthy exchange of energy, either.  This happens often, the person pulling the energy has low energy in their aura, therefore, drawing upon another to feel better.  If you feel that your energy is zapped around a certain person, then take notice.  Place your hands over your solar plexus to keep your energy in place.  Turning sideways can also help to deflect direct pulling of your energy.  I also suggest evaluating your relationship.  Perhaps, the person drawing the energy is playing the poor me or victim card.


Have you ever seen Care Bears?   I loved watching them project the ‘Care Bear Stare’ from their solar plexuses.  This is to bring awareness to you that energetic and heart connections are established in relationships.  If you have a healthy relationship, then you experience more harmony and self-confidence.


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