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Many people hold beliefs about themselves which are untrue.  Here is a story of an adult woman who experienced sexual assault at age twelve. A boy who was two years older from her neighborhood tricked her into coming into his garage, showed much aggression and anger towards her breasts. Afterwards, she ran home.  Crying, she woke her mother up to tell her what happened.  Sadly, her mother looked at her, said nothing, then rolled over to go back to sleep.  It was never mentioned, again. As an adult, she reached out for holistic energy work.  During some of the sessions, feelings of unimportance and abandonment came up.  Over her life, she came to believe that she is not important and expected abandonment. Also, she released the belief system that her breasts are bad and the sexual assault was her fault. During the holistic sessions, she expressed it as a 12-year-old child.  It was a powerful experience; revisiting and releasing. Unconscious belief system affected this woman spiritually, emotionally, mentally and physically. After releasing these experiences, her posture and attitude changed.  She is more self-loving.  Most of all, she does not feel bad when she thinks about her past. It is part of her history, but it is not a painful experience, anymore.  She realized that her breasts are normal and not a negative thing.  She also feels that she is important and does experience love and support instead of holding unto abandonment.  What’s important is that she is liberated from false beliefs about herself.  She is living a productive life and pursuing things for herself.


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