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Let’s face it.  Some people will not change.  To be more specific, they will not take steps to make changes towards self-empowerment.  We live in a country in which we have more freedom and rights.  I’m talking about people who allow themselves to be victims or play the victim card.    Let’s examine why this occurs.


Here is a scenario of a man who was divorced. He experiences rejection and grief.  Friends and relatives rallied around him to give support.  Time goes on, but he does not move forward spiritually while dwelling on the past.  His friends and relatives have made a few recommendations.  “Go for some counseling, it will help you to move forward”.  “Take up a new hobby”.  “Get out of the house and join us at the restaurant”.


Some people will find reasons to justify not moving forward. “I do not need a shrink”.  “There is nothing wrong with me”. “I cannot afford counseling” Sounds familiar?  Fears and doubts are impacting this man. It sounds logical in his thinking mind.  Unfortunately, this will keep him in this state of being a victim.    Deep down, he really believes he deserves to be unhappy.  And, this is where he is fulfilling his false belief system about himself.


If you or someone you know are in a similar situation, then I say this.  You have options.  Push fear and doubt away.  In fact, banish it.  Seek counseling.  Or seek alternative energy work.  If a counselor or a holistic practitioner suggests seeing a physician, then do so.    Allow yourself to move out of victim mode into self-empowerment.  Take charge of your health.  Counseling and/or holistic energy work can help you to put a difficult experience literally behind you.


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