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Spiritual Steps to Health and Wellness

May 18, 2020 | Reiki

In this lifetime, we can get bogged down with emotional feelings like fear or resentment.  We go to school, go to work, and raise families.  We are in a diverse society in which many good things do exist, but we also experience some negative experiences, as well.  This world can be and is a beautiful place in which you can make choices, taking steps in the right direction to health and wellness.

Here are some things to consider as part of your spiritual path.

  1. Plot your life on paper or on a computer. It can be something like, I want a new career, new degree, or getting well.
  2. Seek out support like counseling, a physician, support groups, recreational activities, meditation, and/or spiritual healing
  3. Work on your inner thoughts.  Journaling can be helpful.  Recognize what triggers your anxiety or anger.
  4. Exercise, walk, jog, or do yoga.  This really helps to loosen up the tension.
  5. Have faith in yourself.  Follow where your heart goes when it comes to picking a religion or a belief system that is positive.  Perhaps, going to church or getting involved in a group that seeks similar goals of fulfillment and enlightenment.
  6. Seek out a holistic practitioner to help you facilitate moving you through a spiritual process which can involves setting goals and discussing issues.  What you share is confidential and a good practitioner will have excellent ethics.
  7. Be consistent in getting spiritual work done at least four or five times.  Each session brings you through whatever issues you need to work on.  Sometimes, the real deep-seated issues come up later.  Ever heard of someone going for counseling with one concern and then eventually other issues come up later?

Follow your heart  treating your spirit is treating your body, mind and heart!


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