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Steps to Creating Time For Yourself

May 22, 2021 | Healing the Heart, Reiki, Spiritual counseling, Spiritual life coach

Do you find time slipping away keeping busy with work, chores, family, etc.  Are you dissatisfied and critical with yourself when you put off doing something fulfilling?  Here are some simple visualization techniques to try.


  1. Make a list.
  2. Post it where you can see it.
  3. Think of your current schedule.
  4. Visualize your current calendar changing. You can shred it, blow it up, watch it disappear.
  5. Now, visualize a new calendar in which it is not completely filled in. You have created space.
  6. Watch it manifest in your daily life.


Do this every time you feel that you are putting your goals off.


We all have responsibilities and it is important to do the best we can.  However, if you always do for others and deny yourself, then it is up to you to create a space and time to do something fulfilling.



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