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The Biddie and Lucy

Feb 3, 2023 | Medium

I want to share highlights from a reading I did for a lady. During the reading, I heard the word, “biddie.” My mind reacted thinking of it as a derogatory slang describing an old nosy lady. Feeling uncomfortable, I asked if she understood this. She did not. Then, I second guessed myself, “Perhaps, it’s the name Betty.” This This did not mean anything. Moving on, I saw an image of Lucy from Charlie Brown. She says, ‘That’s my chicken. Her name is Lucy and she is here with me.” I think, “Really?” The reading went fairly well with a few things not clicking or making sense.

Later, the reading was on my mind and I could not let it go. I was inspired and looked up the word, “biddie.” I almost fell out of my chair. The original meaning for “biddie” is chicken. It derives from the late 1700’s time period. It also is a common nickname for Bridgette in Ireland. Excitedly, I shared this link with the sitter so that she can learn what the meaning of biddie is. The word of the day is “biddie”.   

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