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The Finish Line

Mar 21, 2023 | Healing the Heart, Medium

Last year, a woman received a mediumship reading from me. I shall call her “Mary.” It began with male energy spirits coming through from her Father’s side. She explained that she did not know who her father was. In this situation, no knowledge meant no connection. I waited a bit and a young woman came through. She portrayed herself as a sister. Mary confirmed this. The reading revealed that this woman was full of life, with some emotional ups and downs. She then portrayed herself high. I said that she liked getting high. Mary confirmed this. I asked Mary, if she wanted to hear everything. I sensed something different about this woman’s passing Although, I did not know how. She said, “Yes.” An image reveals a quarter mile race trac and a black and white checkered flag. A car races to the finish line.   I described it, saying that this car is rushing to the finish line. Mary confirmed that she understood the meaning of this. This spirit lovingly watches over Mary and her family. Mary explained that this woman was her mother who always acted like a big sister who was full of life and laughter.  She struggled with drug addiction and emotional ups and downs. Her life ended suddenly from an accidental drug overdose. I think it was beautiful how Mary’s Mother projected her passing. She is in a beautiful place and is vibrant.


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