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What Do I See?

May 10, 2020 | Reiki

After several attempts at blogging, I felt compelled to share what I perceive with my third eye during a Cranial Sacral or Reiki session.  Prior to each session, I take the time to ground and meditate in preparation of providing a healing session.  It works the same whether I work on an individual in person or do it remotely.

It usually starts out with receiving an image in my third eye. For example, I see a picture of a hand placed over the client’s left shoulder.  I then proceed to do this action. Another example, I might see a dark shadow or blob on the client’s body, so I am drawn to this particular part of the body.  Then, I proceed to this area.  It took practice and time for me to realize that when I get one image and follow through with it, then another image will come to me showing the next position of my hands on a different part of the body.  I may start with your feet then move to your knee.  Then cradle your head.    This guided imagery is a beautiful blessing from a higher power.  It is an experience for the client and myself.  After completing each session, I find myself at peace knowing I helped a client facilitate healing within their mind and heart.   


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