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Who Is Your Support Team?

Apr 7, 2020 | Reiki

Do you have a friend or relative that supports your desire to pursue Reiki or Cranial Sacral Therapy? Are you drawn to it? Perhaps, you have received medical treatment and want something spiritual to compliment your healing process.

Do you feel or even know that when you consider seeking Reiki or Cranial Sacral, that you have a wonderful support team on the other side and on higher planes? I do believe you have your guides, Angels and deceased loved ones who back you up on your path of healing your spirit. Healing your mind. Healing emotional feelings. I believe I have my support team of healing guides, Angels and loved ones who have passed on. I believe that I do not work alone. I believe that when you come to me, we are not alone and truly do have a spiritual support team. It does not matter to me what religion you have or if you do not have a chosen religion. It does not matter what walks of life you come from. What matters to me is to relay that you do have a spiritual support team. You are truly not alone.

When I work on someone, it becomes clear that you have your support team with you. It is beautiful to see this. May you feel peace and love within your heart.


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