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Who’s The Boy With The Pool Stick?

Feb 2, 2021 | Holistic Alternative Energy work, Reiki

Fictional names and locations are being used to protect the privacy of my clients.

Miss A. Came to me with curiosity and an open mind.   During the Cranial Sacral Therapy session, an image of a teenage boy with a baseball cap and a pool stick appeared.  I did not know what to make of this image in my third eye.  I cleared my mind of this image.  This boy persisted.  I finally said to Miss A., “Who’s the boy with the pool stick?”.  She responded, “Oh my God, he tried to drowned me when we were kids!? This boy was her older brother’s friend and she used to hang out and follow them around at her grandparents’ swimming pool and billiard room. One day, the boy was alone with Miss A. in the pool. He began to drown her. She was very young and did not understand why he was doing this awful thing. Miss A. never told anyone what happened. She kept this awful experience to herself and avoided hanging out with her older brother and his friend.  

The boy showed me that he was aggressive and singled her out at the time of thee attempted drowning. He then communicated that he was wrong and was sorry for what he did. Miss A. confirmed that this boy later in life has died. I felt that this boy was part of the energy healing session to help Miss A. to heal. It was an amazing and surprising session.


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