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Why Do We Have Health Issues?

Sep 29, 2020 | Holistic Alternative Energy work, Reiki

So, here is the million dollar question.. Why do you have a health condition? Perhaps, you have an idea. Have you considered your emotions, thoughts, and feelings that you experienced over time leading up to your health issue? Is it working too much? Do you deny living and following your true dream? Do you judge others? How about judging yourself mentally? Do you eat whatever you want and your body is not what you are comfortable with?

Things to think about. Consider getting treatment for your spirit. Consider getting your spirit back in alignment with your higher self so that you are pursuing or living a life that is right for you.

Receiving spiritual treatment is treating the spirit which then positively brings healing into the mind, the heart and the body. It is important to see that taking charge of your spiritual transformation is very real. Reaching out to a holistic healer is a choice and is separate from the medical model. However, holistic energy work compliments the medical model. Take charge of your health, health issues, and find answers, peace, and a better way to live. Taking charge is part of your healing path.


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