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Flower Garden Meditation Retreat

Jun 6, 2021 | Clairvoyance, Healing the Heart, Spiritual counseling

Meditating and going within to find a space of inner peace is a skill that takes practice.  If you are looking for a visualization meditation that involves flowers in your inner sanctuary, then I suggest trying this.  Before I share what, I have done from time to time, I want you to understand that we ALL get distracted during meditation.  When this happens and you become aware, just bring your focus back to your meditation travel.  Do this with self-love.  NO chiding or getting irritated with yourself.  Here is a tip on recalling and visualizing. Use your memory and bring up an image of a stuff toy you had as a child.  What color was it? Can you recall the details of this stuffed toy?  Can you recall the poster on your bedroom wall?  Can you pull up an image of a figurine or sports trophy you achieved?  In this case, recall flowers and plants that are appealing to you.


Wear comfortable clothes

Sit or lay down – I prefer sitting with palms on my upper thighs

NO rules on breath and breathing – But do take some meaningful, deep breaths

Allow yourself to move, flex, and stretch (This allows me to release tension)

Think of your own flowers or someone else’s flowers

It can be a day lily, roses, clematis, or coreopsis

Feel and see the green grass beneath your feet

Surround yourself with beautiful nature

If stuck on visualizing, just gently let it go

try another image or just focus on feeling and/or smelling a flower

Be among nature and commune with these gorgeous flowers

Look around, see different colors, textures, and shapes

Allow tranquility to fill your space

Enjoy an occasional butterfly or humming bird – notice the colors

Allow your heart to open and receive healing



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