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What’s Your Intention?

Guess what? I now can get up before my alarm clock goes off! When I heard someone say that he never uses an alarm clock because he sets intentions the night before. I decided to do this for myself. Well, I am a believer! I do get up about 15 minutes before the desired...

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Healing Benefits I Received

Years ago, I sought out a holistic practitioner who received training and certification in her field.  I struggled spiritually, coping with physical, mental, and emotional feelings.  This alternative approach appealed to me.  Although, I had doubts about it and almost...

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Oil Lamp Message

During one particular session, a woman I shall call Mrs. D., was working through memories and experiences of loneliness from her childhood.  I followed the guided images and directions on where to lay my hands.  I trust these pictures given to me, for it leads me to...

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