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Years ago, I sought out a holistic practitioner who received training and certification in her field.  I struggled spiritually, coping with physical, mental, and emotional feelings.  This alternative approach appealed to me.  Although, I had doubts about it and almost canceled.  my first session was profound.  Laying on the table while she worked on my aura and chakras.  I was fully aware of energy movement on and around my body.  She also referred me to get medical help from a Naturopathy Doctor (ND) and a dentist.  Which I did.  It brought about a realization of health conditions which were treated.


My second session was interesting.  After the second session, I went home.  I realized I just got my menstrual cycle.  It had been irregular for about 14 years.  But here’s what is so amazing. My cycle balanced out from that day on.  It was consistent and I could keep track of it.  It took several months of regular menstrual cycles for me to realize the impact of receiving alternative holistic energy work.  Writing about this, brings tears to my eyes.  Tears of joy. This is why I am now a holistic practitioner using Cranial Sacral and Reiki Therapy.  This is where I can pass on to whomever seeks out my service.


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